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#vanlife, but not as you know it

This isn’t one of those airbrushed #vanlife blogs, with an impossibly beautiful woman and a bearded hipster guy in every picture, backdrops of stunning nature photography, and artfully posed, oh-so-casual product placements and the wistful envy-inducing instagrammable life. Instead, it’s just me, drinking wine and talking to strangers in and around my homemade, DIY-badass, campervan. I’m mainly hanging out in national parks to keep me sane as I inhabit big-city life in Sydney the rest of the time. In a year or two, I aim to take off for a big loop around our red, sunburned land downunder. But for now, my campervan is my conversion project and my weekend escape.

About me: I’m a refugee from walk-in, wild-camping, mostly solo, backpacker hiking, which a foot injury has pushed me out of for now. I’ve spent the past 25 years, off and on, shoestringing around this big, blue planet. This has involved nonsenses like driving a shitty old Volvo in a banger rally across the Sahara, line-handling on the Panama Canal, diving in some pretty unusual places (e.g. drift diving in South Korea, a shark tank in Shanghai, wreck diving in Palawan, and blue holes in Dahab and Belize), and working in China, South America, the Arabian Gulf, and Eastern Europe. I’ve been to eighty-odd countries, speak good Spanish, crappy Polish, and woeful Mandarin, and I enjoy writing. My not-so-secret superpowers chill-out habits are crochet/sewing/quilting and lounging around in hammocks reading sweeping epics.


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