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Another productive van weekend and STILL I’m not done. This switcheroo is taking a long, long time.

Luckily, though, I’m not quite as resentful any more about having to do it: I’m mostly over the simple “re” doing part and onto the “improving”. This is waaaay more creative and more rewarding.

Nevertheless, I woke at 4am the other day with van thoughts swirling around my busy head, and couldn’t fall asleep again until I’d written down the following:

Yep, that’s right: a whole shit ton of notes, in a list, with specifics of how to do things. All of that was zooming around my mind, stopping me from sleeping as I mentally planned eg the specifics of the slider table’s functionality and design.

The notes/list is divided into a series of “projects” because, conceptualised as a whole, it just felt too overwhelming.

Thus armed, I started on Friday afternoon and worked off and on until Sunday evening, putting in about 12 hours all up in the workshop.

Things I achieved this weekend:

  • Slider table is rebuilt (old sliders, new, wider table) and is now bolted thru the bed base. Took much swearing, and some invaluable help from the lovely Irish Kev;
  • Storage space is built under the bed: boxes are in place and everything has a home – this bit was easier than I thought;
  • Rattles and squeaks are down to a minimum, thanks to the addition of bungee cords and locks to hold things in place. Fitting tiny bolts is VERY fiddly indeed though, wow;
  • Bug net is fixed – it’s wooden edge needed more glue; easy fix;
  • I’ve started on the wooden supports for the roof lining but I need more wood. But it’s measured and I know, now, how to do it. This feels like progress;
  • The build-up box thingy for the left side step is done. This is to achieve two things: to cover the electrics that need to reach past the door where the old kitchen cabinets were (can’t put them under the floor because retro fitting, so this step thing is a bit of a hack to stop them having to trail), and to stop my chair falling down the step hole when I’m sitting at the table in the van (eg working on my computer).

The step buildup looks like this, and I’m rather proud of its design and how well it fits the space. Obviously I’ll paint it black and add more anti-skid tape so it doesn’t get slippery.

So, as you can see it’s been very productive weekend.


In my idiocy when buying new tanks I didn’t check the specs for the connections, and of course ALL the plumbing connector parts (and thus also the hoses) from the old tanks are now useless: they’re too small. (The exception is the fitting that drains the sink- it’s too big.)

So right now the plumbing is a merry go round whose tune plays both “FFS” and “nooooooo”!

I’ll get onto buying the new, correct bits this week but it’s another expense and another bit of waiting around.

Honestly, the gods of campervan conversion have now just about browbeaten me to the point of wishing to simply hand over my credit card details to a plumbing company with the instruction ‘solve this’. But no, I will figure it out BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT I DO 🤓😍

(Update from 12 hours later: during lunch break at work, I got online and ordered all the bits I need to redo the plumbing. Or all the bits I *think* I need — there’s bound to be something I forgot…)

Apart from those things, the awning needs to go on and the electrics need to be connected up again. (And of course the roof lining needs finishing and I need to redo the quilt to be a bit shorter.) And then it’ll be DONE! The light at the end of the tunnel is very apparent now, and no one is happier about this than me.


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