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I picked up the cats and drove home a couple of days ago, and I’m writing this on my sofa. It’s lovely to be home but I’m thinking about heading west next week in le campervan blanc. It’s such SUCH a luxury to still be off work. (I took a month off and still have a couple of weeks before desk slavery kicks back in.) Two friends from Melbourne are coming up for a little camping trip around New Year’s Eve and another friend from Sydney wants to come along with for a trip in the next few days. So I’m still very much in holiday mode and still in the van in my head, although not there physically.

I hadn’t really planned when to come home and thought maybe Boxing Day. But I’d planned a couple of social visits after Gibraltar Range NP: one with an acquaintance in Armidale and one with an old friend on the central coast just north of Sydney. In between, I stayed over in Tamworth and hung out in Watagans National Park, where I met this cute, friendly fellow:


She/he was tame enough to enjoy a little scratch around the jowls, and as I patted this friendly wallaby I realised I was kind of missing social connections. So I drove to my friend Tasha’s place in Wyong where we had a boozy sleepover. We exchanged Christmas gifts and pondered the year just gone and the year ahead. And after that I just wasn’t in the mood to go back and hang out by myself in nature.

Besides which, it was raining a LOT. Here’s the sky on the New England Highway:

img_0021 2

…and here’s just some of the rain I met along the way:

The good news, weather wise, is that the pop top didn’t leak. The bad news is that camping in heavy rain is not much fun. I still don’t have an awning –though have been looking into buying one– so lots of rain means either staying in the van or getting wet. And my van is not self contained enough yet for rainy camping (eg I’m still cooking outdoors as there’s still no working stove aboard yet).

So I picked up the kitties and came home. Here, I’m doing laundry, chilling out in my own space, catching up with people, enjoying the company of the cats (who are always very cuddly after they leave the cattery), and still reading a lot. It’s stormy this next few days so I’m watching the BOM weather site with interest and with my camping guide open on the table. It’s nice to be home.

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